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A Welcome Back to Creeking

Posted by Tink ;),

12 September 2013 · 2,216 views

This past Saturday a group of about 12 people from the CdB met up in the Fallowfield parking lot with one thing on our minds, the Beaver river. After a night of partying for some one of us, three alarms to get out of bed and some breakfast muffins, we were headed to New York to experience the Beaver river that so many had raved about after Beaverfest the weekend before. I was in a car with Luc and Jon, imposing on the budding bromance. All three of us were first timers on the Beaver. First stop : Taylorville section. Great run. There were a couple swims from our group in the hole after the great white slide but those people did not give up easily. The hole was ruthless. On our first run down we were all together in a group of 14. It took a while, some of us ran the slide twice, and most of the group walked up to run a chute on a different channel after the third rapid. I got some practice boofing, and was pleasantly surprised by the challenge of the river. We shuttled back up and ran again, this time in a smaller group of 6. Our group went down the left channel (where some had walked back up on the previous run) so I got to run the chute, and the small section of rapids before it as something different to do. After our second run, we got changed and drove to the Eagle section. Getting out of our wet gear was a bad idea. Once there, we scouted and decided to give it a shot. Some of us more easily convinced than others... I may have still been sitting in the car in my dry gear groaning about how I had to get back into my wet gear after everyone else was changed and ready to go... but I made it, eventually. Luc made a video with his contour camera of the run, here's the youtube link: In the video I believe I exclaim "I'm just so happy right now!!" along with "There were people cheering, so I must have done something cool!" It was a fantastic run that I would recommend to anyone looking for a straight forward class V river. The lines were easy to make but the water was moving fast and the rocks were tight. Awesome creeking. Everyone else had full face helmets and elbow pads, some even made use of the elbow pads coming out with scrapes on them. I now have two items to add to my wishlist.. The drive home was filled with giggling and recapping the run, and more giggling, and perma-grins all around. We were high on whitewater. 12 of us stopped for pizza and I was impressed with our accomplishments in that restaurant. We sure cleaned those plates. Overall it was a great day. I will definitely go back.

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