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Info for Trip Leaders
By Anik

Even if the Club is now part of the WO insurance program, the insurance benefits only apply if the Club complies with the requirements of the program.


Two of the major requirements are that every trip/event is led by an approved Trip Leader AND that the event/trip be conducted according to the WO Safety Policy. The Trip Leaders will play a significant role in ensuring the WO Safety Policy is followed - so all Trip Leaders must read and be familiar with the Safety Policy. The WO Safety Policy is attached below.


To assist Trip Leaders in fulfilling their role, I've prepared a checklist that can be used to make sure the basics are covered and we have a record of the event/trip. Attached is the Sample  Event/Trip Leader Checklist. As a Trip Leader, either use this checklist or create another record keeping system if you prefer. But the bottom line is -  if you act as a Trip Leader you should turn your mind to all of the issues that are listed on the checklist and have some form of record keeping so you know when you acted as a Trip Leader and can recall events if you are required to.


So starting now, for the insurance benefits to apply we need to have an approved Trip Leader involved in each Club paddle and have the Trip Leader actively play the role of the Trip Leader. So the Trip Leader of the day should identify himself/herself as the Trip Leader of the event/trip and act accordingly.


If we have a Club event/trip that does not include a Trip Leader (or there is a Trip Leader but the Trip Leader doesn't want to play the role of Trip Leader that day), it simply means that none of the insurance benefits will apply.


Let me know if any of the above is not clear or if you have any questions/concerns. And there are no stupid questions - so don't hesitate to ask.

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