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You can join Guelph Kayak Club (GKC) at any time during the year. With this membership you can attend our paddling and social events. The GKC membership also includes membership for Whitewater Ontario membership and its benefits.


You are welcome to give GKC a try for a day and if you like it you can get paperwork and club fees out of the way and become a member. Effectively, membership runs March through January as paddling seasons allow it.


- Single member or head of family:   $50, (it includes Whitewater Ontario membership)

- Single member:                               $25 (if you are already a Whitewater Ontario member)

Additional family members

- Each family member 16 and younger:       $10
- Each family member 16 and older             $20

To get membreship:

  1. Sign up for GKC

  2. Follow from previous step to fill GKC waiver forms and pay for membership.

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