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Welcome to the Guelph Kayak Club

2014 GKC Membership Renewal Notice (2012 Edition)

Jun 19 2013 11:50 AM | harris in News

On behalf of the membership committee: we are still very short of our membership from last season. There will be an e-mail being sent out to all of those people who were past members of GKC and have yet to renew for the 2014 season. The e-mail will include this same content (and also will reference this post), with the exception that it will include the address to send the cheques to, if you decide to pay that way.

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History of the Guelph Kayak Club - 2012 Edition

Jan 16 2012 09:25 AM | Garvin in Required Reading

A Guelph Kayak Club history . . . by Kevin Maggs The Guelph Kayak Club started in 1991 by 13 paddlers (Heather Allan, Gary Barton, Marylin Dykstra, Mike Elrick, Malcolm Harwood, Dawn Kelk, Carmen Rodowa, Wilson Quigley, Kurt Schlee, Cheryl Sikkes, Art...

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Shuttle for Dummies - 2012 Edition

Jan 10 2012 01:13 PM | harris in Required Reading

By: Kevin Maggs Our most recent trip to Mackfest has shown that despite the improvement of their on-water skills, the GKC is severely lacking in their off-water skills: Specifically, their ability to get to the river in a timely manner. I would hate t...

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